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In family since 1981 - full cosmetic and electrical refurbishment in 2018.


In family since 1981 - full cosmetic and electrical refurbishment in 2018.


The original owner of this car was a young woman in Pittsfield, MA.  Around 1960, it was sold to Mr. Manfred Kerk, also of Pittsfield, a former WWII German Luftwaffe pilot.  My father bought this car from Mr. Kerk in 1981.

Dad spent the bulk of the 1980's restoring this car, interrupted for a couple of years by a family move from MA to NY.  The car was completed around 1991 and Dad spent the next 22 years driving it, enjoying it, and participating in many Jaguar club events and shows.  Because of its stunning color, the car always did well at shows.

In 2013, at age 82, Dad decided he'd had all the fun he expected to have with the car and turned it over to me.  I did some ignition, cooling,  and charging system work to improve the car, and also had the wire wheels serviced with new tires installed.

In May 2015, the car survived a severe house fire (only car to survive - fire started in the garage!) and thus began a two and a half year long full cosmetic refurbishment.

The car was completely stripped.  All bodywork and paint was renewed, all interior was renewed including seats, carpets, trim, tonneau cover, and "crash rolls" around the cockpit.  All of the gauges were completely rebuilt and refurb'd, as well as windshield glass replaced.  Most of the chrome was renewed and the car was completely rewired.

While this work was being carried out, other work was also completed.  Carbs were removed and rebuilt, heater core and valve were replaced, and wheels/tires were once again serviced.  Finally, oil drips were repaired, and new ball joints were installed in the front end to tighten up the steering.

Watch the videos - the car drives fantastically now and is ready for a new home!


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